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COMMUNIO 2020 - Manila - Religious gathering with the Bishop of Novaliches

We had an event called Communio on February 20, at Servants of Charity, Manila, it is an annual gathering of different religious Communities in the Barg.Pasong Tamo area. They participate and reflect on the Consecrated life, formation and mission. As we are celebrating Communio for the tenth year, we chose the theme of the year for our reflection: Dialogue towards Harmony and the year of Ecumenism, Interreligious dialogue and indigenous people. We want to thank God for the gift of the consecrated life and ask of him a new way of looking, that knows how to see grace, how to look for one’s neighbor, how to hope for the future.

 Ecumenism is a dialogue which leads to unity. The Goal of ecumenism is not to convince, convert but to gain unity. In the letter of St. Paul to the Romans, St. Paul says, “And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us” - Romans 5:5 Dialogue is the mission, working of Holy Spirit, word of God can start the healing, source of unity. Dialogue cannot exist in the air and it can happen only in concrete life experiences.

 The religious men and women participated in the holy Eucharistic celebration presided by Most Rev. Roberto Gaa, the Bishop of Novaliches. He was edified to find us together as a family. He told us that the religious are the one who face challenges in today’s world. The Gospel passage (Mark 8:27-33) challenge us to be true disciples of Jesus. All of us have received the Invitation from Jesus; what kind of Jesus we would like to follow, Comfortable healing Jesus or Suffering Jesus, Son of Man? Most of the times, we want to follow comfortable Jesus. Do u really want to follow Jesus renouncing power, money and worldly pleasures. We are blessed so much because we have the community life at the same time it is penance too. We need to offer sacrifices also.

The gathering of the Consecrated men and women continued ahead with the presentations and games involved by everyone. Then we had a sumptuous dinner sharing our fraternal time and joy with one another.

Fr Rajesh SdC






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