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Ongoing Formation in Divine Providence Province


The Ongoing Formation was organized in Divine Providence Province for three days (Nov. 28, 29 and Dec. 1) for the rereading of the texts prepared by the General Council so far on the theme of Charism, Spirit and Mission. The conferences were animated by our confreres, Fr. Soosai Rathinam, the General Councilor, Bro. Franco Lain, the General Councilor and Fr. X. Rajesh, the Superior and Rector of Manila. The Confreres in Chennai gathered together in Don Guanella Major Seminary, while around 50 confreres and few sisters participated from different communities around the world on Zoom. I thank all those who worked for this animation program and all those who encouraged it in a special way the local community and the technicians. . In a special way our gratitude to Rev. Fr. Alfonso Crippa and Rev. Fr. Fabio Pallotta for preparing these materials. At the end of each day there were interactions from the participants. Confreres were indeed very glad to see one another after this corona lockdown. On the whole it was very enriching and thought provoking.

Fr Ronald J Sdc





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