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"Guanella home, stories of hope, stories of love"

On the feast of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, at the University Hotel in Quezon City, Philippines, at the presence of confreres, sisters, seminarians, guanellian cooperators, journalists and of course of our children, was made the launching of the book entitled: "Guanella home, stories of hope, stories of love". The book was written on the notion that all individuals, including persons with disabilities, have each a story to tell. And these stories ought to be told for they teach lessons and share wisdom that may change minds, that may change hearts, and most of all, that may change lives.

"Guanella home, stories of hope, stories of love" is a humble reminder to the readers that each person's life has a meaning and a purpose and that in this book, it is the duty of the readers to find out.







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