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First religious professions in Legazpi

The guanellian family in the Philippines and Vietnam is happy because three novices: Paul and Peter, from Vietnam and Mark from the Philippines, made their first religious vows in the Congregation of the Servants of Charity. Here we present the reflection of Bro. Paul. "I want to thank God for all the graces and blessings that have been given to us! I feel that I am loved by Him even though I am a sinful person. I understand that since from now I become more intimately joined to the Lord and reborn by these religious vows. I also know that I need to do my best to live as a religious, since I'm weak and a limited person, but I know that God is always with me, he is strengthening me and walking with me. I also feel happy to be welcomed by the family of the Servants of Charity to whom I want to express my gratitude"

Bro. Paul

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"Conviene sempre fare un po' di carità: un povero soccorre l'altro e Dio benedice" - San Luigi Guanella

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