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Guanellian Charism School - Divine Providence Province

The Annual gathering of the Guanellian Charism School for 2018 in India began on 03.04.2018, Tuesday with the prayer dance organized by the orphan children from Annai Velankanni Boarding run by the sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny at Sathankuppam, Cuddalore followed by the prayer service organized by Fr Amalraj the vice-rector, St, Joseph’s Seminary. Fr. Francis, SdC the incharage for the Guanellian charism school india, welcomed the gathering and presented the report of the previous charism school 2017.
In the inaugural address Fr. A. Soosai Rathinam SdC, the Provincial Superior stated the words of our beloved Pope Francis, ‘Be Evangelisers and Street Preachers’ and continued to explain the Guanellian presence in 24 countries and in 5 continents and provoked the gathering to become missionary disciples which was the original intention of the Resurrected Jesus. He has taken the gathering to the roots by recalling the intentions of founder in founding the congregations for the greater purpose of becoming fathers and mothers of the poor. The mission requires of us three goals: Trust in Divine Providence, Spirit of Hard Work and Spirit of Prayer. After raising a personal question, Can I become like Fr. Guanella and his Successors? to the forum he finished the sharing.
Followed by him Fr. Ronald SdC expounded on theme the meaning and intentions of CASA in the words of Fr. Guanella. Founder intended to make a home of Faith, home of multiformity, home of Bread and the Lord, home of contribution from every individual. It is not necessary that we care for the good children but to have a feeling that they are the owners of the house and grant small responsibility to every individual: Fathers, Sisters, Co-workers, Collaborators, good children and so on. The greatest Challenge or Message of the home as insisted was: to be with the Founder, to work for the Poor and to live as a family, he has put an end to his lecture.
The second day of the gathering was initiated by Fr. Amalorpavanathan SdC with the theme, ‘The Guanellian Mission: Source, End, Recipients and Projects’. He has deepened on the apostolic mission entrusted to both SdC & DSMP, i.e., we are commissioned by the Lord for the spread of the love in the world. Our mission is of inclusive without any distinction to collaborate with the providence of God. Charity must become the centre of our houses and they should be places of shelter, work and education. Fr. Praveen Jeba Kumar SdC highlighted in his talk that the Poor are the means of our existence and he specified that the fragility/weakness and state of abandonment prove one to be poor. He clarified the constitutions and its commentaries to the forum with his practical explanations. Fr. Gnanaraj SdC delved into the 110th memory of the vows of 1908 elaborately. He explained about the proceedings of the life of the Servants of Charity from the birth of the Founder and till March 24, 1908. He highlighted the tireless efforts and the early struggles of the founder in drafting the statutes of the congregation for the present situation known as Servants of Charity.





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